IPEC process components support a variety of functions across multiple industries. The products below may be purchased alone or as part of a complete turnkey system. We custom design and fabricate all components to project specifications.


    IPEC custom electrical enclosures combine efficient design and quality components to provide years of worry-free service. Each panel is delivered with a complete electrical documentation package.

    508A UL/cUL Labeling
    CE Design/Registration
    High Voltage/Motor Controls
    PC/PLC Control Systems
    Pneumatic Systems
    Hazardous/Classified Environments


    IPEC Clean-Out-of-Place (COP) Systems are utilized to clean process components or individual assembly pieces that cannot be Cleaned-In-Place.

    Variable Jet Patterns
    Heating Systems
    Detergent Systems


    IPEC Hold Tube (retention tube) assemblies are used during product sterilization or pasteurization. Solutions are heated, and held at temperature as they flow through these assemblies. The diameter and length of the Hold Tube is determined based on the critical product hold time and process flow rate. Jumpers or valving may be used to configure variable flow paths for different hold times.

    Hold Tubes may be purchased individually or as part of a complete HTST/Sterilization System.


    IPEC platforms provide improved accessibility to existing equipment and allow customers to maximize use of their building space when installing large-scale or vertically designed systems. Platforms can be provided as standalone units or as part of an integrated system.

    Integral Stair Cases
    Various Decking Options
    High Polish for Clean Room Environments
    Integral Lifts and Hoists
    Lighting and Fire Protection Systems
    Seismic Certification


    IPEC Pump Stations are used for a variety of processing and cleaning operations. Mobile Pump Carts are available where use of a single mobile cart in place of many dedicated pumps can reduce capital and maintenance costs.

    CIP Return
    Vacuum Systems
    Product Transfer/Metering
    Chemical Dosing


    IPEC static mixers effectively and efficiently blend ingredients in-line, without moving parts or mechanical agitation. The removable element is selected based on the properties of your product and can be configured for gentle or turbulent mixing for a range of ingredients and products. As with all custom IPEC components, materials of construction, sizing, and surface finish are available to suit your process.


    IPEC sprayballs are used for cleaning vessels and other process equipment. Custom designs are configured to maximize the efficiency of your cleaning process based upon the geometry of equipment to be cleaned and available utilities. Spray devices are available with single or multiple static balls, variable drill patterns, and custom mountings for optimized coverage and effectiveness.


    Custom process vessels are available in a variety of sizes, materials and finish configurations.

    Portable/Media Transfer Vessels
    Balance/Break Tanks
    Batching/Mixing Tanks
    Heat Transfer

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