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Buffer & Media Prep Super Skids

Process System

IPEC provided two Super Skids (Buffer & Media Prep) to support a recent clinical manufacturing facility expansion. The system layouts mirror each other and are installed in seperate production rooms with a wall dividing the two assemblies. Integral access platforms, material lifts and safety gates facilitate ingredient additions during batching operations.

The overall project increased production capacity while eliminating risk of cross contamination between multiple manufacturing suites (buffer and media produced in these systems are dispensed into bags, then transported to manufacturing areas). The project was awarded ISPE Facility of the Year in the category of Facility Integration and IPEC is proud to have been a Supply Partner.

This project highlights IPEC’s ability to sucessfully deliver highly-customized super skid systems in collaboration with a number of other vendors and stake holders. The modular assemblies were fabricated in parallel with the facility, which allowed for completion of installation and commissioning much sooner than would have been possible with stick-built equipment.